Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Dying Soul, Underneath!

Feigning up a smile upfront
Only to hide the crying soul inside 
Appearing calm and content
Though really fierce and burning
Deep down inside her body
Wants to explode and release all out
But too damn scared to do it
Instead, she keeps on trying
To hold everything in solely
And chose to suck up all the wrath
Even if it's starting to poison her
But still she prefers it that way
Just to escape from confrontation
Of which she doesn't know
How to resolve what's annihilating her
Of which she knows
Others will never understand
Particularly, not even her own self could
So she chose not to face
 what's troubling deep inside
Thinking it's the best thing to do
To deny the real distress inside.
Will maybe ease her
In denial of what's real 
Suppressing the anger inside
Even decided to keep all a secret
For as long as she can
Hoping, perhaps staying naive
Will make everything easy to live by
And eventually it will all go away
And things will be alright
Even if she's aware 
It's far from happening
Unless she'll deal everything
All the negative vibes 
Needs to vanish like a smoke
Before it will suffocate her
But when will it happen
If all the bad energy lives inside of her
Slowly killing her good soul
Like a burning candle
That is slowly melting into nothing.

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