Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I need help!

Urghhh!!!! why every time i post a comment on my own blog to reply the ones who posted comments on mine, it won't show up on here? It's making me feel So Stupid. It's supposed to be simple! Grrrrrrrr... I followed how it must be done, but nothing gets posted still. I clearly needs help here. :( I need to know why and what's wrong? Can anybody help me? please...:( It's frustrating not to get a simple thing done, how it's supposed to...


  1. If you have Word Verification active then you have to wait for the verification screen and type in the letters it shows you and then submit. If you don't wait for the word verification the comment won't post.

    By default, all blogs have it, I have mine shut off.

  2. its not like Blogstream it doesn't give you that option. If you answer in your email it doesn't post it on your blog as far as I know.

  3. Had to stop by. A squirrel can never resist cute nuts.....

    Don't give up working on the blog. You should be able to figure it out within a week or two. If need help, post what the problem is, everyone here has a lot of experience fixing stuff. Anyway, glad to see you around.

  4. I have yet to find a comment box that allows your comments email to show up. I tried by using this Reply but even that doesn't work from email. I'm looking for an answer.