Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sad Truth of Love

In any relationship there is...
The love that you feel in your heart
Is sometimes ain't enough 
To make you completely happy
Sometimes it's just not enough
For the person you love
To stay beside you
 Sometimes it takes more than that
It takes more than the emotions
That you have towards someone
To make it work and last a lifetime
Even if you both feel the same way.

Because if what it only needs is Love
For lovers to stay together
Then, there wouldn't be
Any pain of separation
If what you feel is only what it takes
To make everything happen
As you dream 
How it is going to be
Then there wouldn't be
Any disagreement between lovers.
Sadly in reality,
Love don't work like that
Sometimes Love is just not enough
To make it work and last a lifetime.

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