Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wooooo!!!! Finally Found Out What's Wrong....

Woooooooooooooo... Yeesssss!!!!  I'm so glad to have finally found out what's wrong why everytime i try to post my "Comments" wont show up, either on my own blog or on other people's blog here on blogspot unless they're out blogspot, like wordpress and etc....
And i owe this to Skinny.... c",) <3 so Skinny, THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HELP.. :-) That link u showed on me that might help me, really helped me... Wooooooooo.... Yous just have no idea how Happy I am now.. I finally don't feel stupid anymore. hahahahaha
And oh, its not my "Settings" here on blogspot that was wrong why it never showed up my comments at all. It's "FireFox" So using "Windows Explorer" instead coz it works on here. hahahaha
It's so weird though why is it, but right now i just couldn't and don't care either why... Hahahaha... What matters, is that I've finally Found the way for my comment to show up. hahahaha
I'm really happy right now and it shows how glad i am, coz my very first comment was long and i didn't noticed it 'til i was reading what i've posted on my comment in reply to Skinny's comment here on my page.  Yay!!  hahahahahaha

Skinny and Sherry... :-)

Hey Skinny...:) Hahahaha If worst comes to worst!? Ima do what u suggested. hahaha At least i can release my madness through yelling.... hahahah...
Seriously, Thank you so much for trying to help me... :)

Hey Sherry...;) I didn't activate my word verification thing, so it's supposed to be soo simple thing --- write something on "Post a Comment" box, Click the "Select profile" on Comment as: at the bottom of the comment box, then Click Post Comment. That Simple... But, urghhhhhhhh... Everytime i do that on my own blog, It won't show up at all... It never did... :( It's crap...:/ But Thanks anyways for all your suggestions guys... I Really appreciate everyone's suggestions and encouragements to keep finding out how to fix it... c",)

And by the way, I've tried every sorts of possible way that i know to fix it, but still nothing comes up. So I'm feeling hopeless and no other option but to write my replies/comments as another blog.. Boinx! hahaha... Atleast through that way you will all see that I've replied onto your comments... :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Skinny.......... :)

Skinny since I've posted this here as "Blog" and not as "Reply/Comment" to your comment here on my page, it's obvious then that when i've tried posting this as reply/comment to your comment, it didn't post on my page... Again... :( Urrgghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! It's hopeless.... Boinx!!!!! :/

Note: This didn't show up on my "Comment" again... :(

Hey Skinny... Thank you very much for trying to help me out with my concerns here... I really appreciate it.:)
Actually we have the same settings except for
4) Take a look at what is shown, and see if you can match things to this:
  b)Who Can Comment - I've selected "Registered Users - Includes OpenID instead of select "Anyone". But i've changed it now to "Anyone" to see if it's the reason why i can't reply to the comments on my own blog. So if this one will show up on page!? then it means it is the problem. Lol But if not, then it isn't the problem at all.
And Yes, I have a post Comment button & the preview button under it... :)
And oh, on "Comment as:" then u got to chose/select profile!? I've tried those different choices as well, but still nothing happens... Unfortunately. And I'm honestly getting more and more frustrated with this, i feel so stupid and naive. hahaha...
Again, THANKS A LOT Skinny... ;)
*Fingers' crossed i hope this will show up....*

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reply to Whit's and Skinny's Comment on "To Write Love on Her Arms"

 Thanks guys for dropping by my blog and for your comments... :)
@ Whit's: I've never heard of it too til that time i posted it here. I also hope it's effective. it's for a good cost...:)
@ Skinny: I like the video as well it's why i shared it on here so more people can see... 'Coz i think it needs more information drive on other mediums as well and not just on youtube and on their on sites... The fact that they're doing it for a good reason. I've even posted it on my facebook account. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Write Love on Her Arms

Let Go... Move On...

If the one you love dearly with all your heart doesn’t love you back the same anymore, that means Let go… It’s not worth it to keep holding on to something that would only keep hurting your feelings inside and make you sad remembering… Letting go of doesn’t mean, ending your happiness in life. It simply means --- Move On to the right track of Happiness in your life… And keep moving on forward ‘til you find the kind of happiness you deserve… Though it's not easy to move on and stop loving the person you love that most, but who says it's easy anyways? Just saying...

Dumb Me!???? Lol

Oh well oh well... Until now i still don't know why my replies/comments still won't show up after doing how it's supposed to be done.
And to all who took some time to post comments on my blogs, THANK YOU ALL!!!:) I appreciate your concerns... But I'm also SORRY 'because all my replies are gone. I've sent it "Successfully" but it never showed up here or if u guys only got it on your email. I really have no idea. So i don't  know at all... Pls let know if you somehow got my reply. :) I hope everything is well with you all...