Monday, September 14, 2015

The Uncertainty Beyond

The Uncertainty Beyond what our eyes can't see,
Is what stops us from getting out of our comfort zone.
The Uncertainty Beyond what our brains can't comprehend,
Is the reason of our weakness to move forward,
And face life's challenges
 ahead that we don't know yet for sure.
The Uncertainty Beyond what our heart isn't familiar yet,
Is what holds us from having the connection to what
We supposedly spontaneously feel from our future...

Because In reality, the things that are unfamiliar to us,
The kind of life that we have never lived on yet,
Those events that haven't happened so far,
And too vague to know at the moment,
Are precisely the very ones that matters to us the most.
Those are the powerful forces at the back of our mind,
That naively ruling us how we live on our lives presently.
We normally live our lives now, for the future.
We're not really living a day only for the moment.
Which is so strange and ironic of us how we deal life.
The Uncertainty Beyond scares us that much,
However, our life as we're facing now is for
The Uncertainty Beyond that we will be living by someday.