Friday, June 26, 2015

"The Shadow"

I'm here but mostly behind and unseen
I'm like a wallpaper in a room
Can be noticed but still ignored
So sometimes i just hid in darkness
as if i never existed at all.
I can move around as you do
But still, it is as if i wasn't there
Perhaps when light created me
It forgot to give me my own identity
It forgot to let me make my own moves

Don't want to stay this way
I exist but as if i don't belong
Can't move on my own
Even if i wanted to
I don't have that free will
It's frustrating living as a shadow

I guess that's why there's night times
So i can rest from the world
that ignores me and treats me unfair
Only in the dark that i feel free
When it's dark, I get to be myself
Apparently it's the only time
That I exist like other creatures
I can do the things on my own
without copying what others are doing
Only at night that i can be alive and happy.

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