Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reply to Whit's and Skinny's Comment on "To Write Love on Her Arms"

 Thanks guys for dropping by my blog and for your comments... :)
@ Whit's: I've never heard of it too til that time i posted it here. I also hope it's effective. it's for a good cost...:)
@ Skinny: I like the video as well it's why i shared it on here so more people can see... 'Coz i think it needs more information drive on other mediums as well and not just on youtube and on their on sites... The fact that they're doing it for a good reason. I've even posted it on my facebook account. :)


  1. Weird that you can't comment on your own blog.
    If you don't mind to humor me, check the following:

    1) From your main blog page, you should see "Design" in blue at the upper right. Click on that.

    2) Then click on "Settings" on upper left.
    3) Then click on "comments" in blue, just under settings.

    4) Take a look at what is shown, and see if you can match things to this:

    a) Commments - select "show".
    b) Who Can Comment - select "anyone".
    c) Comment Placement - select "embedded".

    d) Comment Default - select "New Posts Have comments".

    e) Comment Moderation - select "Never".
    f) Show Word Verification - select "No".
    g) Show Profile - select "yes" (this is sort of unrelated).

    Some or all the above may already be selected per my choices. But if not, do as I indicate, then try to post a comment on one or two of your posts and let me know how it works.

    Also, when you go to comment, you'll see under the comment box "Comment as:" and then a dropdown box to the right. Wondering what is there. Also, do you have the Post Comment button and the Preview button under that?

  2. Some more info. I assume you are commenting while logged into blogger. You can't do it via email. Some other links are below:

    One post:

    Another person said they had to enable third party cookies.

    Another post:

    Another post: