Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Dying Soul, Underneath!

Feigning up a smile upfront
Only to hide the crying soul inside 
Appearing calm and content
Though really fierce and burning
Deep down inside her body
Wants to explode and release all out
But too damn scared to do it
Instead, she keeps on trying
To hold everything in solely
And chose to suck up all the wrath
Even if it's starting to poison her
But still she prefers it that way
Just to escape from confrontation
Of which she doesn't know
How to resolve what's annihilating her
Of which she knows
Others will never understand
Particularly, not even her own self could
So she chose not to face
 what's troubling deep inside
Thinking it's the best thing to do
To deny the real distress inside.
Will maybe ease her
In denial of what's real 
Suppressing the anger inside
Even decided to keep all a secret
For as long as she can
Hoping, perhaps staying naive
Will make everything easy to live by
And eventually it will all go away
And things will be alright
Even if she's aware 
It's far from happening
Unless she'll deal everything
All the negative vibes 
Needs to vanish like a smoke
Before it will suffocate her
But when will it happen
If all the bad energy lives inside of her
Slowly killing her good soul
Like a burning candle
That is slowly melting into nothing.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sad Truth of Love

In any relationship there is...
The love that you feel in your heart
Is sometimes ain't enough 
To make you completely happy
Sometimes it's just not enough
For the person you love
To stay beside you
 Sometimes it takes more than that
It takes more than the emotions
That you have towards someone
To make it work and last a lifetime
Even if you both feel the same way.

Because if what it only needs is Love
For lovers to stay together
Then, there wouldn't be
Any pain of separation
If what you feel is only what it takes
To make everything happen
As you dream 
How it is going to be
Then there wouldn't be
Any disagreement between lovers.
Sadly in reality,
Love don't work like that
Sometimes Love is just not enough
To make it work and last a lifetime.

Friday, June 26, 2015

"The Shadow"

I'm here but mostly behind and unseen
I'm like a wallpaper in a room
Can be noticed but still ignored
So sometimes i just hid in darkness
as if i never existed at all.
I can move around as you do
But still, it is as if i wasn't there
Perhaps when light created me
It forgot to give me my own identity
It forgot to let me make my own moves

Don't want to stay this way
I exist but as if i don't belong
Can't move on my own
Even if i wanted to
I don't have that free will
It's frustrating living as a shadow

I guess that's why there's night times
So i can rest from the world
that ignores me and treats me unfair
Only in the dark that i feel free
When it's dark, I get to be myself
Apparently it's the only time
That I exist like other creatures
I can do the things on my own
without copying what others are doing
Only at night that i can be alive and happy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

"Not Giving Up On Life"

It is my own life to live
It is my journey to take
It is my world to explore
But then, along the way i got lost
I got confused which way to go
I suddenly didn't know what to do
Apparently i just gave up
So many different words of wisdom
That made me even more baffled
It has dug me deeper into desolation
It has weakened me and scared me so much
I lost the drive to do better
I don't know what I'm seeing
I simply lost the courage to look straight ahead
Life's remained still, felt numbed
But what i felt wasn't enough yet... 
I tried to walk, but i just walked with out direction
With out goals ahead, all my dreams were gone
In an instant just like that
I let myself die in my comfort zone
It's like I created a bubble world for myself
Was there but i was just like a shadow
I existed but only in the background
'Til one day i realized 
I'm still in the same place
As if time just stopped and so I'm stocked
Others have gone so far in life, but me
The ones behind me before
Are now the ones way ahead of me
Improved and living a better and happy life
I Felt ridiculed as I comprehend my life
Impetuous anger rushed in my thoughts
Thinking I'm still the same, nobody
Disappointed and angry at my own self
I cried and asked myself
How did i let it happened
How have i gone so weak and stupid
When have darkness took over me
Dismayed by what I'm realizing
Tears fell as I reached out to God and pray
Prayed so hard for His forgiveness
For doing nothing and being weak
I'll keep on praying 'Til I see a light ahead.
As I'm trying to move ahead
I promised to myself, God's with me
So I'll never give up this time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Wheww.. I haven't been on here for such a long time. For some reasons i can't be sure of, --- I've stopped writing the random thoughts that's wandering inside my mind and I've stopped writing what i feel inside... Guess i just tried the different approach on how to deal with life.
'Til recently I'm starting to miss what i used to like doing, it's why I'm on here again now. Uhmm I'm gonna try to write the random thoughts that will hit me again... I hope I'd be good on it this time around if not better... So expect i'll be back here again real soon and i hope everything is well out there.... :)