Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Skinny.......... :)

Skinny since I've posted this here as "Blog" and not as "Reply/Comment" to your comment here on my page, it's obvious then that when i've tried posting this as reply/comment to your comment, it didn't post on my page... Again... :( Urrgghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! It's hopeless.... Boinx!!!!! :/

Note: This didn't show up on my "Comment" again... :(

Hey Skinny... Thank you very much for trying to help me out with my concerns here... I really appreciate it.:)
Actually we have the same settings except for
4) Take a look at what is shown, and see if you can match things to this:
  b)Who Can Comment - I've selected "Registered Users - Includes OpenID instead of select "Anyone". But i've changed it now to "Anyone" to see if it's the reason why i can't reply to the comments on my own blog. So if this one will show up on page!? then it means it is the problem. Lol But if not, then it isn't the problem at all.
And Yes, I have a post Comment button & the preview button under it... :)
And oh, on "Comment as:" then u got to chose/select profile!? I've tried those different choices as well, but still nothing happens... Unfortunately. And I'm honestly getting more and more frustrated with this, i feel so stupid and naive. hahaha...
Again, THANKS A LOT Skinny... ;)
*Fingers' crossed i hope this will show up....*


  1. Hang in there. Worst comes to worst, open your window and yell "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more".

    Try one more time for the heck of it, to post a comment after you see mine.

  2. Also, can you go over to my blog and try to comment there? Just to see how that goes, in case it tells us anything.

  3. If you have word verification active on your blog, once you click post comment you have to wait for the screen to come up with the verification letters on it. You must type the letters into the verification thing and then click post comment.

    The other reason you can't post comments is because you aren't logged in to Blogger. Try signing out and signing back in. That will usually do the trick.

  4. Skinny, ive just read ur other reply that went onto my spam.. good thing i checked my spam. (Coz i don't usually check it) But anyways, your comment that went onto my spam was the comment where you showed me the links that showed of other blogger's problem here with the same problem i have... "Comment/s NOT Showing Up" on my own page and even on others unless i'll comment somebody's blog on other sites like wordpress coz it will show up.
    And someone's entry on there, caught my attention where she said she cant post any comment when she's using her own pc which is Mac, but when she used the computer (which isn't a Mac) at her office it finally showed up her comments.. Woooooooo And i think the FireFox that Im using got something to do with my problem too. Coz now that Im trying to use "Windows Explorer" when first write in this "Post a Comment" box, my username here on blogspot automatically showed up on "Comment as:" at the bottom here. which never happened when im using FireFox. hahaha.... Woooooooooooo
    So THANK YOU VERRRRRRRYYYYYYYY MUUUCCCHHHHHHH Skinny... My problem is finally solved now, and because of ur helped. ;-) Have a Great Day!!!<3