Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Art Of Love To Thee...

  Never take the resting heart
If only desired for the meantime
          Pick not the flower
          If only to let it die.
     Speak no more of love
    If emotions are unsure.
        For it shall no less
 Would cause a forlorn heart.
Thou shall not let other's feelings
Be off guarded by your supposedly
  Soothing yet deceiving tongue
     Of rhetoric sweet words
About thy love and promises 
 If only to poison thou heart
      Of ones naive love 
  To drawn itself in tears.
   And let it bleed inside.

But if what is felt to thee
       Is true indeed
   Then wait no more,
To thine own heart to thee ---
   To its dearest beloved.
      And be not afraid,
 For thy heart to be hold
'Til eternity you deserve...