Saturday, August 6, 2016

What's Said is Said. Simple!

Know your own flaws before you criticize others. 
Think before you say something.
Mean what you say now, than be sorry later on.
And Own Up every single word you cast.
And be ready to face the consequence.
Remember, Karma's a Bitch.

Our Tongue is like a sword, it's small but can certainly hurt like hell. Every words that comes out of our mouth, be sure it's cast not to insult others. Even if intention is just to correct someone or to describe someone's imperfection. So be extra careful with what you will say. Specially if you, yourself has a lot of flaws. That's considered ugly in the eyes of human. You might even be negatively surprised of the effect of your own spoken words. For you've cast one or two flaws of others, of which others found too many of your flaws to even begin to describe you. Don't you think it hurts knowing that way? Wouldn't you feel insulted? 'Cause i doubt if you wouldn't be, unless you're a human with out emotions. With a heart that is as hard as a rock. So next time, before you cast a single unsolicited ugly word towards someone Even if it's true, Just keep you mouth shut, You might regret it. --- For Karma's a Bitch. And what's said is said... And sometimes no amount of your "Apology" can even take away the "Hurt" you've caused, by your hypocritical comments you've harshly said.

Friday, August 5, 2016

'Til There Was You...

Been dreaming like a little girl
Who's innocent mind believes in forever.
Been hoping for things to get better
As if life is like magic.
One spell and everything's great.
'Til there was You...

You showed me what's real
You awakened me from my dreams
And made me realized
Nothing is constant, nothing is forever.
You taught me the difference
Of what's real and what's not.
You made me live in reality.
And I snapped out of fantasy.
Life may not always be Happy
But at least it's real...

Note: Late Post. Originally posted this on my Wattpad account first. Written roughly over a month ago.