Friday, July 17, 2015

Feeling Hopeless

Suddenly it felt heavy to breathe
as I carry on this journey.
The path got narrow
and the air gets thinner
as the way gets darker and darker.

But i went on still, then i looked back
and it stunned me
I didn't realize our distance
got this far for being so preoccupied
with something else.

What have I done?
When did we create this space between us?
How did we let this happened?
I'm so confused
I thought you were just right behind me.

But I didn't see you no more
I looked around
But i couldn't find you,
Not even your shadow or just a glimpse of you.

The longing of you sets in me
The longing for you, to be with me
aches my heart tremendously
Feels like a wolf voraciously devours me
And ate me alive.

But what could i do
if you're out of sight
And nowhere to be found
Now, I'm missing you.

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