Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Love, Simply Complicated!

Love is not the only reason
Why we chose to stay with someone.
 Nor it is the reason why we chose to leave that person.
Sometimes we chose to leave
Plainly because we are coward and stupid.
Coward, to take the risk to fight for the one we truly love.
And stupid enough to think,
That we are not the one meant for the one we love.

On the other aspect,
We chose to stay with someone not because
 We are in love with each other either.
But simply because we're tangled in
With circumstances we can't easily escape from.
Other times, we're staying together with the person
That we don't even love romantically.
For the simple reason, we feel we have no choice
And it seems to be the right thing to do
Even it meant sacrificing our own happiness.

It's sad, but it happens in real life.
And its just how it is for some people.
Our different upbringings and approaches in life,
And the complexity of our thinking
Exudes in our manner on how we love
That's why Love is Simply complicated.

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