Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Wasted Time is a Wasted Life"

The moment you step on to the track 
that makes you feel unhappy and out of place,
but still chose to stay on it trying to fit in,
It's when your real dreams in life dies.
The longer you keep staying,
the more you dug yourself deeper.
And the harder it is for you to get out 
and move over to the right path you truly belong.

Just by the mere fact of letting yourself 
standing by in a wrong place,
even without a tiny feeling of happiness,
is already considered as the death of the true you.
It's like you are in quicksand
that's sucking your Dreams in life.
As if you're in Hell, and is slowly
killing you deep inside
'Til you forget how it is to truly
Live a life with full of dreams ahead.
And how it feels like to fight
for your them...

And only in this kind of moment,
where your life starts to gloom.
Where you starts to doubt about everything.
It's when you finally think 
you've been lost for while but just
stupid enough to realized it,
and coward enough to pretend that,
Everything is perfectly fine even if it's not at all.

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