Friday, April 8, 2016

"It's Great While It Last"

It's full of fun,
'Til it's all over.
It's so sweet,
'Til you're hurt.
It's excitingly meaningful,
'Til you're cheated on.
It makes your day complete,
'Til you're ditch to depression.
It adds color to your life,
'Til your tears washes those out.

Makes you the happiest person,
Until you're crying for hours.
Makes you feel like a thousand butterflies
in your stomach,
Until it makes you sick to your head.
It knows no boundaries,
Until you're too fed up to stay on.

It's crazy yet great to be in love
and be loved back in return,
---But 'Til when???
Does it always have to end
or is it possible to last a lifetime?

To be in love is something,
But to stay in love is a commitment.
...For a lifetime of loving someone,
Is the hardest quest of our lives.
And Love seems great,
While it last...

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