Tuesday, August 16, 2011


For whatever bizarre reasons that i don't even know, I've been confronted by this question lately --> "How many times do you need to get hurt for you to know it's time to let go and move on?" And i just answered them either in a joke manner that's actually a nonsense answer or i would only flashed a smile and says "I don't know, you tell me. You seemed to be the expert when it comes to love... Hahaha" And so I've wisely freed myself from answering it without them noticing it. And so turned the focus on somebody else's answer... Lol Wheww! ;-)
But today after reading sorta same question again on Love Quote in Facebook and with quite a number of people who gave their opinion about it, I've finally decided to answer it and give away what i thought about it which is this --> "Hurt remains base on how you deal with it. But to let go and move on!? You can only let go and move on when you know there's no point in turning back..." Ooppsss! And whoa to my surprised 2 people liked my answer about it.
Oh well, thinking about that kinda stuff for real, its seriously a difficult situation to be in. But now that I'm over that sorta stage in relationship!? I can't avoid but to make a joke out of it. Hehe... Perhaps because I've been there done that sorta thing and have already surpassed and dealt that. So I'm not emotional about it no more.
I just hope for those who are still in it and still hurting and can't afford to let go, my hope for you guys is to have more strength and be smart enough to follow what's on your mind and not what's inside your heart. Yes, it feels like hell to be in that situation, but a shattered heart can always be fixed in time... The key is you have to give importance to yourself and your own happiness so you can afford to let go and stop the hurt inside of you. So no more tears will ever fall again for the same person/reason... Just don't give up trying to let go, 'til the day comes you've already let go everything for good. The Person, the Love and the Hurt it carries along. Move on and don't turn back again...

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