Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Moving On... Been Moving On... Will Move On Forever...

I'm moving on.. Been trying to move on. And saying this, doesn't just mean I'm trying to let go the kind of love i have for you. It means I'm moving on totally away from everything we used to have. When you asked me to let go of you, i did it. I gave your freedom and let you go. Because i know i shouldn't force something that doesn't exist anymore or wasn't even there in the first place. But i held onto our friendship though...
Until, even that "Friendship" of ours, you also asked to end it, the only connection that's left between us then. You ditched me like I'm some trash and showed me like our friendship didn't really mattered to you... I know you were already happy then, so even that I'd let go. I had let go everything we had then, even if it's not what i wanted. But i respected your decisions and made a promised i'll never ever bother you again after you pushed me away for that last moment. And so you've never heard from me since then. And I intend to do my promise and keep my word for the rest of my life. I have been keeping my word and never bothered you in any ways and i'll carry on with that for as long as I'm alive. May it be what i wanted or not, but i'll surely stand by my words.
And it's been a couple of months now, since that day we last talked. Or should i say since that last time we argued. Never heard anything from each other. And i hope that will remain forever.
Now I'm the one asking for your favor, Please let me keep my promised and don't try to be friends with me, again. Because when you ditched everything we had and i respected it. I gave you all the space you've asked from me. Got tired of you kept on pushing me away like sh** anyways. So, I'm hoping you won't under estimate my promised. For me a promise isn't made to be broken nor only a word to say but without meaning it. When I promised someone whether i want/like it or now, I do keep what I've promised. Believe me we're better off without each other, even only as a friend. We tried it before not just ones, but we never worked out so this is us now. Stranger to one another. But i think, it's best that way... After all, we've already proved that we can live and still be happy even without any connection from each other. Im not saying it's easy, because it's never been easy for me... But I'm still alive until now. I realized i can live even without you as part of my life. We spared each other from dealing the dramas, so it's best this way. I don't hate you, you're not an enemy for me... But we just can't be friends again, either. I'd be glad if you'd respect my decision and my space from you too. Good Bye!

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