Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skinny and Sherry... :-)

Hey Skinny...:) Hahahaha If worst comes to worst!? Ima do what u suggested. hahaha At least i can release my madness through yelling.... hahahah...
Seriously, Thank you so much for trying to help me... :)

Hey Sherry...;) I didn't activate my word verification thing, so it's supposed to be soo simple thing --- write something on "Post a Comment" box, Click the "Select profile" on Comment as: at the bottom of the comment box, then Click Post Comment. That Simple... But, urghhhhhhhh... Everytime i do that on my own blog, It won't show up at all... It never did... :( It's crap...:/ But Thanks anyways for all your suggestions guys... I Really appreciate everyone's suggestions and encouragements to keep finding out how to fix it... c",)

And by the way, I've tried every sorts of possible way that i know to fix it, but still nothing comes up. So I'm feeling hopeless and no other option but to write my replies/comments as another blog.. Boinx! hahaha... Atleast through that way you will all see that I've replied onto your comments... :)

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